1. Did them all at work!

  2. I will not start over again!


  3. I have to do better

    Today I went to the gym for the first time in over a week. I looked in the mirror as I was walking out and realized I gained all my weight back….. im sio refocused now

  4. Even though I gained some weight… I will not give up.

  5. Please no!!!!

  6. My snow day in a wrap. Cleaned off my car, did a zumba dvd , and strength training. I also have been using the crap out of my nutri bullet.

  7. My first shake with my nutri bullet…. I’m back on track!!!!!


  8. "You cannot find peace by avoiding life."
    — Virginia Woolf (via purplebuddhaproject)

    This so spoke to me. I do try to avoid life all the time and all I really want is peace.

    (via our-origin-and-livity)

  9. today when I went to work my coworker said I looked like a porn star. I was more than happy to take the compliment. I look small enoughthat somebody would want to sleep with me and watch me sleep with someone. weight loss makes you feel so great especially when other people notice it.

  10. First goal of the day burn a thousand calories for my morning workout. Now that that’s done it’s time to do some more meal prep and go back to the gym this evening….. if you want to see change you have to change what you are doing!
    Two a days all week… and I better lose at least a lb.